January 27, 2022

Net Control Operators

Jason Hissong (N8XE)

Most Wednesday evenings you’ll hear Jason at the helm of our net.

Jason has been an Amateur Astronomer since 1985, when he saw Saturn on Memorial Day Weekend through an 8” Meade SCT telescope. He has been hooked ever since. His earliest memories are of the night sky when he saw the crescent moon and thought it was a banana. Jason is a telescope maker, observer, astrophotographer, and collector of antiquated German Astronomy, Telegraphy, and Science books. He is very bad at speaking and reading German, but he tries.

Jason has been an amateur radio operator since June of 1997 and got his license two days after he got married to his wife. It is how he remembers his anniversary every year. He loves to operate CW as much as he can, but also enjoys FT8, rag chewing, and DMR.

Dave Mueller (W9BFZ)

When Jason can’t run net control, he calls upon his trusty sidekick Dave.

Dave has been interested in amateur astronomy for as long as he can remember. From early days of standing out in the cold midwest winters just to stare up at Orion to trips to various planetariums, he has always been fascinated about the world above us. In the late 2000s, he finally took the plunge and purchased a second hand 6″ dobsonian.

Dave was first licensed as an amateur radio operator in March of 2018. Due to antenna restraints thanks to apartment life, you can mostly find him on DMR.

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